SHRM’s New Credit

By David Chasanov


he Society for Human Resource Management’s new professional development program has an analytical look.

Those who attain the new People Analytics Specialty Credential can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and analytics literacy to study business issues and effectively communicate data-supported recommendations to their organizations, according to a SHRM official.

SHRM Chief Global Development Officer Nick Schacht said people analytics has taken on greater organizational significance. From data on contacts a company has with an individual during the recruitment process to the hiring and ongoing processes, people analytics serves an increasingly important purpose.

“You can look at data all day long. If you don’t do something with it, then you might as well have not collected it in the first place,” Schacht said.

To earn the credential, candidates must purchase the SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential Package. The package costs $1,930 for nonmembers and $1,655 for members, Schacht said. It includes enrollment in the SHRM seminar, “People Analytics: Taking Data-Driven Action,” which can be taken in person or online, Schacht said.

Candidates must complete three SHRM e-learning courses before taking the seminar, Schacht said. The courses are “Foundational Data Literacy,” “The Metrics Behind People Analytics” and “Analyzing People Data.” After the applicant passes a 50-question online people analytics knowledge test, they will be awarded the SHRM People Analytics Specialty Credential. Tests became available in January.

Schacht said the credential’s end goal is to influence the development of more applicable hands-on people analytics expertise. Schacht added that the credential is built to be “cross-disciplinary,” which he cited as a benefit.

Schacht also said the credential is foundational and that SHRM will have an “advanced version” later in 2019.