All Hands on Deck

By Bethany Tomasian

core a perfect 100 for corporate social responsibility.

CSAA Insurance Group announced that the company achieved a 100 percent employee volunteerism rate in 2018.

All 3,800 employees, including executive leadership, donated a total of 47,045 hours through the company’s 609 volunteer events across the United States. The hours employees spent volunteering represented about $1.16 million, according to company officials. Some of the volunteer projects supported nonprofit organizations such as American Heart Association, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement and The Crayon Initiative.

The AAA insurer is based in Walnut Creek, California, and provides AAA-branded insurance to 23 states and the District of Columbia. It originally set a corporate goal in 2012 to achieve 80 percent volunteerism participation among its employees, said Senior Manager of Community Affairs Vanessa Chan. The company did not initially aspire to have all of its employees participate in the volunteer program, she said.

“That wouldn’t be authentic of us,” Chan said. “We wanted volunteers, not volun-tolds.” The following years saw employee participation climb to 98 percent in 2015 and finally 100 percent.

Chan gave credit to the employees for making that happen. In fact, Chan noted that she was not surprised that the volunteer programs achieved 100 percent participation.

“Our company values include being caring and doing the right thing. When you hire people based on those values, our results are not surprising,” she said.

While the employees manifested this achievement, leadership played an important role by reaffirming a culture that empowered employees to pursue their passions.

“As a company, you really need to understand why you want a volunteer program,” Chan said. “You have to be authentic when you roll out a volunteer program.”