Intelligent Outplacement from Right Management

Adaptive, targeted outplacement services that deliver the fastest, most successful transitions


lobally, 4 out of 5 mid-to-large organizations rely on outplacement services to support employees who are separated due to financial pressures, restructuring or mergers. At Right Management, we understand that downsizing your organization is hard for everyone involved. Outplacement services not only help to mitigate financial risks, but also act as an important safety net that supports separated employees and their families, proves the company’s commitment to remaining employees and the surrounding community, and help protect the value of its brand. Employers offer outplacement services as part of their overall severance package because they know it is the right thing to do, and it aligns with their corporate values.

When it comes to choosing an outplacement provider, simply checking the box is not enough. A successful outcome requires the right programs, technology and coaching resources available to support a wide range of age groups, employment levels and industry or role specializations, and have a proven track record of consistently helping separated employees land their next role quickly and successfully.
Right Management’s Intelligent Outplacement Services deliver industry leading outcomes by focusing on what matters most:

  • Advanced, global delivery – providing both virtual and office-based options meet clients and employees where they are, in the manner that best suits their needs
  • Insightful coaching & guidance — Employees are matched with an experienced coach who understands both their industry and position
  • Intelligent job matching technology — State of the art smart technology connects employees with the right job opportunities aligned with their career goals
  • Direct Connection to the most dynamic talent network available, linking employees to more recruiters with better job opportunities
    The results speak for themselves. Right Management’s advanced approach to Intelligent Outplacement results in the best outcomes for our clients and their former employees: